Jobsite Delivery in Under Two Hours to the Tampa Bay Area


A Contractor's Best Friend

Blue Fetch is an on demand delivery service for building materials based in Clearwater, Florida and serving the Tampa Bay area.

Founded by contractors who understand the challenges of running an efficient and profitable project, Blue Fetch has built an easy-to-use web store to easily make purchase. A large network of drivers and vendors gives us the ability to  provide fast and affordable delivery directly to your jobsite.


Fast, Easy, and Accurate Delivery at Your Fingertips

Keep your projects chugging. We help you and your team stay productive, decrease overhead and liability, and knock out projects — and maybe walls — faster. Destroy the old ways of getting supplies, and experience the power of Blue Fetch. See how it works now.

Your Favorite Brands, Delivered

What Blue Fetch Does

Blue Fetch has revolutionized the way contractors, tradesmen, and homeowners purchase and transport building materials to job-sites. Our platform contains an extensive inventory to serve all building trades.

Securely make purchases within the application and the materials will be promptly delivered to your jobsite. No more sending your employees or stopping work when you're low on materials. We'll fetch them for you.

Why Choose Blue Fetch

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Build Your Business

Tracking down missing building supplies takes valuable time from a business owner or project manager. Blue Fetch helps contractors utilize time to attract new customers and manage projects more effectively.

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Reduce Overhead

The costs associated with employing a dedicated material runner can be staggering. Wages, vehicle cost & maintenance, insurance, and fuel add a large financial burden. Blue Fetch will reduce or eliminate these overhead costs.

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Optimize Production

Blue Fetch can eliminate the need to send a field employee to retrieve missing building supplies. This leads to increased production and improved client satisfaction.

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Manage Liability

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. Car accidents, load damage, and employee negligence can lead to increased liability. Blue Fetch will eliminate the risk associated with employing a driver.

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