How does Blue Fetch determine delivery fees?

Blue Fetch has 3 delivery classes.

  • Fetch Lite is for materials that can fit in typical car.  Fasteners, electrical components, plumbing fittings, etc.
  • Fetch Heavy is for materials that are too large to fit in a car and require a truck or van.  Lumber, sheathing, drywall, TPO rolls, etc.
  • Fetch XL is for materials that are too large for a typical truck bed.  Crown moulding, baseboard, extended length lumber, etc.

Fee rates are dependent on what vehicle class is needed to transport the items in an order.

  • Pick up fee(s).  This is flat fee that is charged for each supplier location required to complete an order.
  • Drop off fee.  This is a flat fee for the drop off location.
  • Mileage fee.  This is determined by the mileage calculated from the supplier to the drop off location.
Screenshot of Blue Fetch checkout process

Does Blue Fetch charge a markup on materials?

In order for Blue Fetch to get the materials to your jobsite as quickly as possible, we typically have multiple suppliers for the same materials. The supplier is chosen solely on the proximity of your jobsite.

Since these suppliers have different pricing, we base the Blue Fetch price off of the highest priced supplier. This means there may or may not be a markup depending on where we are getting the materials. The price difference is usually minimal.

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