Where does Blue Fetch get your building materials?

Blue Fetch only delivers high quality building materials. We have built working relationships with many of the trade specific suppliers. We take the inventory that is typically stocked at each supplier and add it to our in-app inventory.  This allows builders to easily order materials without making multiple phone calls to set up pick-up and deliveries.

How does Blue Fetch determine what supplier to get the materials from?

The Blue Fetch app uses your jobsite location to determine the closest supplier that typically stocks the materials you've ordered. The order is immediately sent to the supplier to confirm availability. If the order is rejected by the supplier due to lack of stock, it will be redirected to the next closest supplier to your jobsite. 

Will Blue Fetch pick up and deliver orders I've placed with my suppliers?

Because Blue Fetch is committed to providing the fastest possible delivery, we do not offer this type of courier service. A high level of automation allows Blue Fetch to delivery on our promise of a 2 hour maximum delivery time.

Why doesn't Blue Fetch go to any of the "big box" stores for materials?

There are two main reasons that prevented us from working with these types of stores. 

  1. We are committed to delivering your order as fast as possible. Sending drivers in to pull materials off the shelves and wait to check out wasted valuable time.
  2. We are committed to accuracy. We want to make sure we get the right materials to your jobsite. The margin of error was too high by using drivers to do the shopping. The trade specific suppliers we chose to work with provide a level of service that can't be matched by the "big box" stores. 
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