Highlighting Blue Fetch suppliers, FetchFast™, and other features coming soon, plus free delivery on your first order via instant rebate!

We’ve got a few things coming down the pipeline at Blue Fetch that we’d love to share with you. We’re launching a courier component to better serve our suppliers and their customers seeking special building supplies delivery in the Tampa Bay area. We’re also introducing the Blue Fetch Vendor Certification Program to better raise awareness for your company and ours.

But first, we’d like to announce that new customers are eligible for FREE delivery on first-time orders with Blue Fetch via instant rebate!

Getting your FREE delivery rebate

Simply download our app and place an order for building materials delivered to your job site in the Tampa Bay area, or schedule a demo to learn more about Blue Fetch from one of our account executives. We deliver all over the Tampa Bay area, and are headquartered in Clearwater.

Once your order comes through, you’ll receive a refund to your credit card for your delivery fees. We want you to love the flexibility and productivity you get from using Blue Fetch, and we hope you’ll treat this as a great first impression!

We’re working on some awesome functions to make these kind of promotions easier, including coupon codes accepted directly in our app. We’ll have more information on releases soon!

Coming soon: FetchFast™ and BlueFetch’s Pro Program

Along with our free delivery rebate and coupon code rollout, we have two new programs coming soon, FetchFast™ and a Pro Program to better reward our frequent customers. FetchFast™ is our courier program. Many of our suppliers wanted more than a marketplace like the Fetch App to connect with builders. They needed a partner to pick up and deliver special materials like bath tubs, heavy equipment or supplies, and large deliveries.

The FetchFast™ platform is an extension of our app and will allow you to schedule times for pick up and drop off, receive an estimate ahead of time, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your sale will go off without a hitch.

FetchFast™ is currently being tested, but will go live soon. With Blue Fetch, building materials suppliers in Tampa can now tell their customers “Yes, we do deliver!”

Also coming soon is BlueFetch’s Pro Program. Our frequent customers are our favorite customers, and we’re looking for ways to reward you too. We’ll have more details soon, but we’re looking into enhanced delivery options, a reward points system, and other benefits to make your orders even better!

Blue Fetch Vendor Certification Program

In addition to our FetchFast™ program, we’re introducing a Vendor Certification Program to raise awareness for both your company and our platform. Simply right-click and save the image below, then add it to your website with a link to our homepage, https://thefetchapp.com/. Let us know when you’ve added us to your footer, your partner page, or somewhere else on your site, and we’ll send you a free six pack of beer!

We’re excited for all the improvements coming to Blue Fetch soon, and we’re grateful for your support! We’ll have more information for you soon.

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