Free Roof Estimate Worksheet

Download a Free Roof Estimate Worksheet Here

Operating any business can be tough, but the roofing business comes with a unique set of challenges.  Project managers must coordinate between estimators, suppliers, and crews in addition to watching the weather to make sure any ongoing projects are protected from the elements.  Productivity is a key factor when determining the bottom line of a roofing company.  One of the most common issues that leads to decreased production are missing materials.  Crews need the proper materials on site to complete a project in a timely fashion.

Common Factors Causing Missing Materials

  • Estimators preparing inaccurate estimates or take-off worksheets.
  • Crew members made mistakes during installation.
  • Suppliers didn’t send everything on the order.
  • Unforeseen wood damage.

It’s important for project managers to be proactive in finding solutions to improve productivity.  It’s impossible to prevent all of the above issues on every job, but there are ways to reduce the occurrences and also the impact.

Solutions to Prevent & Mitigate Missing Materials

Provide your estimators with an estimate worksheet to use as a template.  Require this to be completed on every estimate to see major improvements in accuracy.

Download a Free Roof Estimate Worksheet Here

  • Proper training of your crews will not only improve productivity, but it will also reduce the number of callbacks.  Click here to see a list of courses provided by the NRCA.
  • Email your suppliers detailed purchase orders for all orders.  Don’t depend on placing your orders over the phone.
  • Add wood commonly used to your orders.

Taking these steps can help decrease the amount of unplanned trips to the supplier, increasing productivity.  However, it’s impossible to eliminate the trips completely.  Project managers can also mitigate the cost and the decreased productivity of unplanned trips by utilizing Blue Fetch.  This mobile app provides on demand delivery of building materials to your jobsite in less than 2 hours allowing your crew to keep working.

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