Get Heavy Building or Construction Materials to Your Next Job Site. Plus, Get a Bonus for Referring Us to Friends!

Building supplies are (literally) the foundation for your next project. From repairing a fence or sealing a driveway to putting up an entire subdivision of houses, it all starts with having enough supplies to make it happen. No matter your company’s and your team’s level of experience, every step of the process has to go right for you to succeed. An accurate estimate of materials required, a team large enough to get the job done, and knowing where to get those supplies are just some of the factors that go into a successful construction project. But you know all that. You’re a pro. Where do we come in?

We can help cover for you when things go wrong, or integrate right on top of your business model. Blue Fetch will deliver a huge inventory of materials to your job site, sourced from local, small businesses (our favorite) as well as box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Here’s how it works!

  1. Our algorithm searches for the most affordable products in the area around your jobsite to get you the best deal.
  2. Then, we send a message to the nearest certified driver who can take that order.
  3. The driver accepts and picks up the order from the supplier – hopefully a small or local business, but we do work with box stores as well.
  4. The driver heads to your jobsite, supplies in hand.
  5. When the driver gets there, you offload the supplies and finish out the job. It’s that simple!

Our inventory carries everything, big or small. Here are some of our partners’ favorites so far.

Pile of lumber

Heavy Building Materials – Ideal for Big Projects and Repeat Orders

Some of our most popular products include heavier building materials, such as lumber and steel. Both are often difficult for contractors to source and travel with, particularly for specialty parts or custom cuts. Even in a common contractor vehicle like a Ford E-Series or pickup, large quantities of lumber and steel are most safely transported in a trailer or bona fide moving truck.

You may not have access to trailers or trucks this size, and that’s where Blue Fetch comes in. We can easily transport larger quantities of lumber, steel, drywall, and other large building materials from a supplier to your job site fast. Simply download our app using one of the buttons below to get started.

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Heavy building materials are typically popular with home builders, remodelers, fencing companies, and other businesses handling more complex construction jobs. But we have plenty of supplies to cover smaller, more common construction work, especially as the colder months start to roll around. We can easily deliver your heavy building materials anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Our most popular markets include Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Cover Smaller Landscaping, Bricklaying, and Paver Sealing Projects – Ideal for Smaller Contractors and Professionals

Another one of our most popular products is paver sealer! This time of year, the weather takes a turn for the better and many part-time Floridians (whom we still love) head down to enjoy the temperate winter and get out of the snow. Frankly, we don’t blame them. But this kicks some of the aesthetic professions of homebuilding into high gear – particularly upgrades to driveways, pool decks, brick in the yard, and more.

Paver sealers lock stones in place, keeping bricks and concrete pavers looking good. They repel stains and also resist Mother Nature. We carry the other components for a successful paver sealer project, too. This includes joint sand, rollers, and specialized sealers like Inseco’s Sealthane, which can sometimes be hard to come by in the Tampa Bay area.

Landscaping is easy with Blue Fetch’s fast delivery options. Mulch, sand, rocks, and more are easily delivered to your job site.

Use Blue Fetch for All Your Construction Supply Needs

What are you waiting for? Blue Fetch is the ultimate partner for your construction, trade, or remodeling company. We can help you cover your bases or slot right into your supply chain, saving you time and money. Your first delivery is free. Not convinced? Feel free to schedule a demo to learn more.

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