Opportunity through Partnership

Forming mutually beneficial relationships with our vendor partners paves the way for long term growth and sustainability..

Why Partner with Fetch


Capture new customers

Generate sales from customers that don’t typically shop with you.


The rise of mobile commerce

Consumers are changing the way they shop. The demand for mobile purchasing and delivery options is growing exponentially.


Convenience is king

Locations and variety give the “box stores” the edge on convenience. Capture a percentage of their market share by adding the convenience of on demand delivery.


Expanded customer service

Provide your existing customers with expanded delivery service at a fraction of the cost of employing more drivers.

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How Does This Partnership Work

Fetch will open an account with a vendor partner and the inventory you provide will be loaded into the Fetch mobile application. Users will make purchases directly through the platform and Fetch will distribute orders to our partners through our vendor portal and route drivers accordingly.

Fetch is a technology based service, but people are our most valuable assets. The first step of this journey is to meet your dedicated Vendor Relations Representative. He or she will be charged with guiding you through the implementation process, training your employees on the technology, and maintaining a cohesive relationship between the two parties.

What Does Fetch Look For in a Partner

Fetch prides itself on the highest level of customer satisfaction. Accurate orders and fast deliveries are imperative to create the customer experience users have come to expect from Fetch.

Partners must strive to achieve that same high level of customer service. By committing to prepare accurate orders in a timely manner, together we can provide our customers with an unparalleled experience.

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Does it cost anything to partner with Fetch?
Absolutely not.

Is there any hardware or software that must be purchased?
No, Fetch has a web based vendor portal that you will use to receive orders, confirm item availability, and update order status.

Can we use Fetch to deliver materials to our existing customers?
Absolutely, you would simply request a courier through the web portal and a driver will be routed to you.