Solve supply chain issues with Blue Fetch’s building materials app

The influx of residents to the Tampa Bay area has left the construction business scrambling to accommodate new demand. Faced with new residents and businesses clamoring for housing and commercial spaces, shortages are pushing out newly finished construction several months. Many products come from overseas or require advanced construction and transportation methods, like trusses, or prefabricated wooden structures for roofs.

Review the inventory of dozens of local Tampa Bay construction suppliers instantly

When you search for supplies you might need, some companies like Home Depot make it easy to cross-check every location in a specific area, right down to the aisle they’re in. Specialty providers may not have this feature. You might have to research multiple suppliers, call them each individually, and place orders over the phone that you’ll have to pick up.

But what happens when you need specialty construction supplies you can’t find at a big box store? Some of the “most common” items missing from Lowe’s or Home Depot include higher-level roofing materials, like specialized coatings or membranes, or popular industrial supplies for larger paver sealing jobs like sealant and sand.

Find hard-to-get building materials without stressing, or get the tools you need to start down the DIY path

Increasingly, builders are considering their options for continuing projects that may have stalled out. Returning to your own fabricating, like in the case of building your own trusses instead of having them shipped, is one potential option. Finding other suppliers is another, easier way, if they’re available. Either way, Blue Fetch has got you covered.

If you need a specific material you’ve been having trouble finding, download the Blue Fetch app on Apple or Android today, register, and get started!

Some of our most popular products include:

Hurricane Cat 5 2-part Urethane Wet Look Sealer
Pressure-Treated, Yellow Pine, Cedar, and Common Lumbers
Standard, Mold-Resistant, and Fire-Resistant Drywall
TPO Rolls – Sure-Weld TPO Walkway Rolls

Work directly with smaller, local vendors with high storage or fewer disruptions

Box stores have done a solid job maintaining their inventories during the supply chain crunch, but certain brands like Trident or Inseco can’t be found in their inventories and are popular for industrial or more expensive applications.

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